The power of a calm mind

The power of a calm mind

The power of a calm mind is much like the reflection of an immense mountain towering over a tranquil lake. You can see the majestic mountain as clearly in the still water as though it were a mirror. Just picturing this image in your head for a moment gives you a split-second of calmness. Imagine the power of the calmness you would be feeling if you were sitting on the edge of that lake.

That split-second is all it takes to shift your focus. Calmness is contagious whether it is a reflection from nature or another person. Next time you find yourself and everything around you spinning out of control take a second and picture this lake. Then watch how everything around you seems to calm down. Be contagious.

19 thoughts on “The power of a calm mind

    1. It really works. Watch for another post in a few weeks that will have an actual meditation that works really well and is super easy to do.

    1. Get that shopping done early so you have the rest of the time to just “enjoy” the holiday as it comes to you. I’ve been doing this every year (shopping done before Dec 1) and I finally enjoy the holiday because I’m not stressed out.

  1. So true and thank you for reminding us!! You’re words have always been and always will be an inspiration to others for better days, hours and minutes. Thank you for your shared talents!

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