About Me

About Me

Born and raised in a small rural Idaho town, I was brought up with a strong sense of community and compassion. In my journeys across the country I have been blessed to attract wonderful people into my path. But one thing that is many times missing is that sense of compassion and joy that I always find back home. It’s always my mission to put a smile on someones face and give a hug when I sense one is in order.


Over the years I have found myself working in the medical field, then the recruiting arena and finally the mortgage world. But along that path, Wall Street saw fit to detour me in 2008. During this “down” time I studied massage therapy where I earned my certificate at Carrington College in Boise Idaho. Immediately upon graduation I set up shop with two of my classmates. This was a wonderful experience for all three of us to collaborate and work together. Two years later I found myself back in North Carolina where getting a state license proved to be quite a challenge. So I picked up my notary stamp and decided I was determined to make it feed me and put a roof over my head. And this it has done…quite wel


I love being a mobile notary, but I feel like part of me (the massage therapist part) is missing. So I decided to take my inspirational writings and create a blog. Welcome to my newest path in life.


My mission is to write a blog that will massage your mind. Make you think. Inspire you to do find your higher purpose. Motivate you to spread my message of joy.

If you ever need a hand or have a questions OR have your own inspirational story, feel free to leave them below!

All the best,

Tatia Schmidt


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  1. Very calming words. I too have found my work passion as a signing agent. I find discovering new places and faces most interesting.

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